[R+T] Services

Commission a Portrait or Painting
Commemorate a person, place, or event with an art piece. Send us a picture or email with an idea and we can coordinate details.

Buy Original Paintings
We have some unsold originals. Please buy one!

Buy Prints
Some of our originals have sold, but no sweat! We've got prints!

Non-traditional Art Commissions:
-Murals: My parents have been generous to let me try out my skill on their wall. Pictures will arrive soon to show examples of what I can do.

-Book Illustrations: Both Rick and I enjoy illustration, but I would be your main guru. I have illustrated a couple small-scale books and would love to do more. Look for examples in my portfolio.

-Family Profiles: I will post pictures of these. They will speak for themselves.

The following commissions, Rick would have to do. Unfortunately, he is unable to do these at this time (bar study time):

-Photography: Rick is the main photographer in our spousal unit. Take a look at his portfolio to see his stuff.

-Wedding Announcements: We have put together wedding announcements and quite enjoy it. Rick is also the main genius behind this service.

-Logo Design: Rick loves this. Please ask him to help you design a logo.
-Family Profiles: We will upload photos eventually and they will speak for themselves.

Workshops and other Events (Coming Once we have a location):
-Date nights: We can help vivify your date nights. Enjoy dinner, dessert, and painting with your sweetheart.

-Birthday Parties: Birthday cake, photos, and an art project. What more can I say?

-Art Workshops: If you are homeschooling and need more art in your curriculum or just want to get artsy-fartsy with the ArtSmiths, we can help!

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