Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Food Art

One of the many ways we bring joy into our home is by playing with our food. Ehem. I mean creating food art.

Food art can be as simple as you want it. Today I gave my son a graham cracker and he was constantly saying, "Mom, Look! It's a remote control!" He pretends to push buttons and look at a screen. "Mom, Look! I made a T! Like your name!" He proceeds to create multiple letters and numbers--asking me to look each time. Then he created something else. "Mom, Look!" He looks down to re-shift a cracker. "It's a Star Wars thingy!" I bit my lip and squinted. Sure enough, there was an X-wing. See? Easy-peasy.

Here are some examples of our past food art fun.

May I introduce our Chef. Round of applause, please.

Keep your eyes peeled, alright? We not only decorated these eggs, but we "egged" a bunch of people's houses with these. We just left them on their porch. Much cleaner and considerate, I think.

Radishes, radishes--barely even human!!
(It's an altered version of a song from Disney's Pocahontas I sing every time I see radishes or sandwiches. I do that, OK?) 

Buddha made of Wheat Thin paste.

Summer Squash Penguin

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