Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Who are the A[R+T]Smiths?

Welcome, dear reader, to our humble website. My husband, Rick, and I are passionate creators of anything creative. We both love to write, paint, sketch, sing, and play violin and piano. I am branching out to learn guitar so we don't seem quite so twin-ish. We feel that art and creating adds spice and pizzazz to life. Some examples of ways we do that will be coming in future posts. We hope to add beauty to the world and inspire you to do the same.

Besides inspiring creativity, we have big dreams for our business. We plan to expand the arts in families and our community. Someday we will build an event center for the arts in which we host unique birthday parties, date nights and workshops for young and old.

In addition to traditional fine arts commissions, we provide non-traditional fine art commissions like murals, book illustrations, profiles, logo design, photography, and wedding announcements. Please support our project by sharing, commissioning, or donating so we can enrich families and the community with the arts!

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